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3-Channel LED Lighted

How it Works

Our 3-Channel LED Lighted Headphones allow you, the guest, to change channels and control your own volume. This will give you the opportunity to listen to up to 3 different channels of music and at your desired volume level. Our headphones will help eliminate noise ordinance issues for outdoor events and offer you a new and exciting way to experience music.



UHF/RF Frequency

12-hour battery life (fully charged)

Up to 3 channels of audio to choose from

LED Lighted

Operate up to 1500 feet from the Transmitter.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

40mm mylar audio drivers

Super comfortable ear cushion

Adjustable headband

Step by step


Call or Email us for an immediate quote.

Sign and Return our Rental Agreement.

Payment made 1 week prior to your event or ship date.

Headphones can either be picked up (local), delivered (local) or shipped to your location (nationwide).

Enjoy an amazing night of FUN!

Remove the old Shipping Label and Attach the return Shipping Label (provided inside road case) and drop off at your local UPS Store or Facility.

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